We are part of MB GROUP

Our group comprises 8 distinct brands, each a leader in its field!
Together, we bring you a fantastic range of services in recycling, closed-loop economy, and sustainable development.

A few words from CEO

“In a world grappling with escalating global warming, decisive action is imperative. The EU’s Green Deal doesn’t just aim for a zero-emission economy but envisions a circular and fair one.

At SRS, we not only comprehend but wholeheartedly align with this strategy. Our solutions are tailored for companies committed to this transformative path.”

– Łukasz Łyżwa

Our Vision

Be an innovator integrating circular economy services to accomplish the European Green Deal.

Our Mission

Develop sustainable supply chains by providing knowledge and effective tools to our partners who strive to achieve their goals in the field of circular economy and zero emissions.

Our Partners

In the realm of the EU green economy, SRS and our esteemed partners embark on a journey brimming with innovation, profound impact, and a promising future. Together, we will redefine industry standards, dismantle cooperation barriers, foster transparent and mutually trusting relationships, and establish a robust foundation for shaping the future of the circular economy. Explore and join our partnership network now, let’s build a sustainable tomorrow together!